Posted on Sun September 29, 2019.

- Celebrating different cultures of Africa.
- Embracing the spirit of Ubuntu.
- The dignity of Africa.
- Enjoying soccer games

The purpose of the event was to unite Africans through different cultures, embrace heritage and tourism month. Even though we come from different areas of Africa, but we are one. As we are a tourism business in the Harry Gwala District, we find the date suitable for the event as it fits for both tourism and heritage.  The event was to reflect on our background, refresh educational activities and promote arts and culture in Kokstad, as the town is rich in heritage, arts and culture. We had fun as Africans, enjoyed African lunch of different dishes, local artists, local and international speakers. We also had a soccer tournament of different countries of Africa, where South Africa won the tournament. We're looking forward to the next event, for 2020. DON'T MISS OUT!!!